Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Options

At Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery, we believe that a balanced diet is vital for your child’s growth and development.

We hold 5 star food hygiene rating and pride ourselves on high food and hygiene standards at the nursery.

Weekly Menu

We have a balanced four weekly seasonal menu (including weekly vegan & vegetarian options). We source our meat from a local butcher and all meals use fresh and seasonal produce carefully prepared by Lisa, the chef, on the premises. Mealtime is all about talking with the children about what they have learned throughout the day and lots of laughter!

Childrens Choice

Each week the children vote for their favourite meal and chef Lisa prepares it with the children. Chef Lisa spends time with the children so they can learn ‘hands on’ about new and unusual vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits through a variety of fun and interesting activities in the classroom.


Children serve their friends during mealtimes, pour their own drinks and are encouraged to scrape their plates and tidy up after themselves.  In the Pre-school the children are encouraged to use knives and forks, ceramic plates and glass tumblers for drinks.

Growing our own!

We grow some of our own fruit and vegetables and Chef Lisa spends time growing and looking after food we have planted with the children and teaching them the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We cater for all dietary requirements and work closely with parents to support all stages of the weaning process.

Some examples of the mouthwatering meals prepared by Lisa from the current menu include:

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