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Useful Information


Healthy eating and wellness 

At Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery 7 Pre -school we believe that a balanced diet is vital for your child’s growth and development.  We have a balanced four weekly seasonal menu, source meat from a local butcher and all meals use fresh and seasonal produce, carefully prepared by a chef on the premises. We cater for all dietary requirements, and work closely with parents to support all stages of the weaning process.

Food and nutrition is an integral and exciting part of the nursery routine where children learn ‘hands on’ about new and unusual vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits through a variety of activities in the classroom.  

Meal time is all about talking with the children about what they have learned throughout the day and lots of laughter! The Montessori approach means that children serve their friends during mealtimes, pour their own drinks and are encouraged to scrape their plates and tidy up after themselves.

With the obesity issues we are currently facing, we encourage children to regularly partake in physical exercise and every morning all children (that are able to walk) have fun doing the daily mile!  


Parent partnership

Through experience, we believe that the transition into nursery and indeed your child's time at nursery, is most successful when parents, carers, schools and other adults work in partnership. Good partnerships require a two-way flow of information and are promoted by valuing and building on children’s previous experiences and learning. We send home daily emails to highlight the exciting activities your child has undertaken every day.  We hold parents evenings twice a year so you are able to discuss your child's progress in detail with their key worker.  These partnerships begin before your child starts nursery and will continue until he or she leaves at the end of Pre-School or for another setting.


Promoting Partnership

We want to work with parents and carers to support your child’s transition into nursery. Therefore, we do ask that you to set aside some time to spend with us when your child is starting. We feel this is important for various reasons; for your child to get to know and trust new adults and children, for you to see how we work and to be familiar with the things that your child will talk about at home, and for you to be able to tell us about your child.


Parents and Carers in Nursery

We actively encourage parents to come into nursery and support the work we do and to experience their child’s daily nursery life first hand.  We regularly hold events at the nursery (pre school graduation, nativity performance, fathers day BBQ, sports day) where parents and carers can experience and enjoy a variety of activities with their children.


The Learning Environment

We have four indoor classrooms – Precious Stones, Little Gems, Mini Pebbles and Mighty Marbles. We have a large outdoor learning environment and also a ‘woodland’ area for the children to further enhance their learning experiences. Each indoor learning environment is organised to include specific learning areas to make the best use of space and resources, it also reflects our Montessori ethos which we follow at Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery & Pre-school.